Tuesday, April 18, 2017

An Elephant Never Forgets

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 Hi there!  So glad you stopped in to see my latest creation.  I have to say this was just about as fun as doing my "Cat in the Hat" sculpture for Art Doll Quarterly Magazine last summer.  You can still see this on my blog banner.

 Chloe is a circus performer who has just finished her very last performance with her long time friend and performance partner;  Raja the circus elephant.  Chloe sets the ball aside and unbuckles the harness to remove the head piece from Raja's head and trunk.
With familiar precision, Raja easily lifts Chloe up with his front leg so he can look into her eyes as to say, "thank you for my freedom".  Knowingly, Chloe closes her eyes and leans in to give Raja a hug and a kiss thanking Raja for his faithful service.

This may be the end of their performances together, but not to their friendship.  An elephant never forgets.   

**I am undecided if I will be selling this piece or not.  It was an idea that came to me in a dream and has deep meaning for me.  

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