Saturday, April 2, 2016

Summer has begun in SWFL

This is a picture of some fungus on the side of a fallen tree on my parents property in NC.  The colors were so vibrant.

Summer has hit Florida, the humidity is hiking up and the a/c is up and running.  So mornings are best time to sit out on the patio sipping coffee and watching the birds.   In the evening the state bird, the mosquito, gets too active.

On my way to the Green Market and vendor show this morning.  Hoping to pick up some fresh veggies and may an antique or two.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Patio sitting

Had to post a few peaceful pictures.  As I sat out on the patio sipping my coffee and updating my blog I realized just how nice a few plants around made me feel.  I love plants and flowers, but my work and art time make me forget to water them as often as they need to be.  So right now they look lovely.  The orchid has manged to thrive without much care and the shamrock, well she's brand new and just re-potted yesterday.

Zahara - Zen Art Doll

$150.00   contact me at

Zahara is an art doll that stands about 10" tall.  She is standing on a sconce that hangs easily hangs on a wall with a light weight nail.  The whole piece is about 14" tall by 12" wide.

This one of a kind doll was created and designed by me using vintage fabrics and thrift store finds.  

 I sculpted Zahara out of paperclay and attached her to a candle holder/sconce I found at a thrift shop. This little red head is draped in beautiful gold toned clothing made from vintage fabrics. She meditates silently with her hands to heart center; her mala resting around her beaded wrists.
She peacefully holds a tree pose in the middle of a lovely lotus. The lotus was created by sculpting each petal out of wire and filling with pink shear fabric, and finally embellishing with natural elements of moss and fern.

Susie K of Willow Hollow Creations