Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Mentally exhaused

So many things we have no control over and when they happen they change things.  Sometimes for moments, sometimes for days, sometimes for always.

I'm finally sitting down at my art table looking at a piece that is almost done.  I want to work on it, but need to digest things first.  Not sure if I will even publish this, but it will help me just to let it all spill out.

Monday started with my daughter getting in a car accident 4 hours away from home.  It's the call you never want to get, but it was my daughter who called me so  that's good......her injuries were minor and mainly from the air bags. She took a ride in the ambulance and her little Fiat was towed away with major boo boos. The accident wasn't her fault, but that of a very angry man whose shouting I could hear over the phone.    My husband, son and myself piled in the van and headed up the road to get her.
 It felt like it was taking us forever to get to her, but we did and all was well.  Just banged up, a few burns on the legs from the airbags and a big ole contusion to the left thumb.  X-rays were normal so the bruises, burns and overall soreness will fade away in time.

Now we are dealing with hurricane Irma!  She is a big one at 185mph Cat 5 and make history.  The thought of leaving the area is terrifying because gas is not available and the roads are very congested.  The thought of staying is terrifying as well.  The last two days have  been spent preparing for the worst and getting ready to hunker down with the family.  We did this before in 2003 when Charlie charged through taking our roof with him.  I didn't think I would ever be able to stay for another one, but here we are.  I pray for everyone that we fair well and come out strong and help each other clean it all up.

Under a full moon we wait for Irma's arrival.  Make it a short stay where ever she decides to visit.  Better yet, she seems to enjoy the water she should stay there and away from the land.

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