Sunday, July 17, 2016

PFATT offering for July

Garden of Stones

Standing barefoot at the gate of a cemetery, this red headed witch is beckoning you in with a subtle curving of her right index finger, sassy little smile and innocent green eyes.   She holds an oracle glass in her left hand and is ready to tell you about your future if you dare. 

This vignette stands about 10” tall on a 8” wooden base.  The witch figure, snakes, skull and grave stone have been sculpted from prosculpt clay and hand painted.  A metal archway is covered in natural elements as well as the pathway that she stands on. 

Designed and created by Susie Krichbaum

$150.00 plus priority shipping

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Halloweenie Frank

I started creating "Halloweenies" in 2015 for a Halloween Show I was exhibiting at. They turned out to be a big selling item and I’m happy to say will be in the Fall 2016 edition of Art Doll Quarterly. 

“Halloweenies” are little miniature semi- posable dolls that are little kiddos with masks on, each are 6" tall seated and about 10" tall with legs outstretched.  They are the little ones who come to your door with their little trick or treat buckets expecting goodies.  The side view picture of the shows the “mask” attached to a little kids face.

Hand sculpted with paperclay and proscuplt, then carefully painted and dressed.  A hang tag with the following description is attached to each “Halloweenie”. 

We are the wee ones
 that got all dressed up and yelled
“Trick or Treat”
on your door steps

Designed and created by Susie Krichbaum

$50.00 plus Priority Shipping

For ordering information please contact me at

July looks like another great month for PFATT artists and followers. Stop by and take a look today, there will also be giveaways each month starting right NOW!! This group is growing fast so there's a little something for everyone.
These are my offerings, but stop in to see all of them before they are all gone.

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