Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Teddy for all Seasons

Spring Cone flower costume is made from a mixture of green felt for stem (that holds the flower hat on), homespun fabric for flower and the butter fly that has perched itself on top of the butterfly net.

 This little bear just loves to play dress up. I am currently creating more "costumes" for him and will update as soon as possible. So far I have three different seasons prepared; fall, winter and spring.**

The bear itself is a pattern from Sweet Meadows Farm.
He sits about 12" tall and made from brown loopy fur.

Available now on my Etsy and soon on my Selling Blog

Fall Pumpkin costume is made of warm homespun colors and has been slightly coffee stained. The felted pocket on the front of his suit is hand stitched and has a bunch of Sweet Annie stashed inside.

Winter Snowman costume is made from a chenille bed spread, two big buttons, a warm red scarf and I top it off with a "snow" covered felt top hat. Candy cane also included.

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  1. Aw, such a cute idea Susie! I love all the pieces that go with it!


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